Our Luxury Eco-toiletries

We want all of our guests to have a wonderfully pampered time here, but we also want to make sure that we minimise any impact on the health of the land and the resident wildlife. As a part of that, we needed to provide eco-friendly toiletries for our guests to use and those toiletries had to be special – something that they would choose to pamper themselves with. Being natural just wasn’t good enough.

So we looked at a number of brands and finally settled on a brand that matched our own ethos very well – Splosh. They are a brand that is committed to reducing landfills, using natural ingredients, and does not test on animals. If you are unfamiliar with Splosh then here is a snippet from their website:

So, we decided to kit out the Hedgehog Hideaway with not just toiletries, but also cleaning solutions from Splosh as well. We use them in the house too and we can attest to just how good they are.

Put simply, we love Splosh products, not only because of what they achieve and stand for but also because they really are gorgeous. We supply enough for a short stay, but if you run out, just let us know and we will refill them for you, it’s all included in the cost of your stay with us.

Unfortunately, we can’t sell you any, but we can give you a link, with a discount voucher, to buy their products online if you wish – just let us know.

The bottles we use in the Hedgehog Hideaway and the bathrooms have been carefully chosen for their size, the recyclable material they are made of, and comfort to use. They are emptied, cleaned, and refilled for each guest visit, so you can rest assured the bottle contents are brand new and just for you.


Sadly, Splosh don’t make a moisturiser (shame) within their range , so we buy our moisturiser from another company called Faith in Nature. They too have a natural product, minimum plastic waste, no animal testing attitude, so we are very happy to provide you with yet another amazing product – free of charge. That said, we are always keen to hear from our guests, so if you have an alternative solution or if you find the scent too strong or would like to give positive feedback then please do so – we will do all we can to address any issues or in the case of praise – bask in the glory that you heap upon us!

Both of the brands above have been thoroughly tested by us – they wouldn’t be in the Hedgehog Hideaway if they hadn’t, but if you would like further information then just ask and we will pass on what we know. All of the ingredients are listed on the bottles themselves, for safety and clarity.