You asked, we listened

We always ask our guests to tell us if there is anything they would like to see here, or something that they think would make their stay better and to be honest, most of our guests could think of nothing that we hadn’t already thought of. But we did have a few suggestions:

• Slip on shoes for getting from the decking to the toilet or shower – we have included a two pairs of crocs for your use (they are sanitised after each use).

• You asked for a mirror inside the hut, not just in the bathroom – we have added a mirror for use inside.

• Blankets for round the fire at night – done, there are now two snuggle blankets in the hut.

We also offer stove hire, for those visitors who don’t own a camp stove. The first gas cylinder is included (which should last you a couple of days). The stove is a wide flat one, easy to stabilise, and no balancing act required with the pots and pans!

Any additional suggestions, just let us know. If we can do it, then we will. We hope that these changes will make your stay with us even better.