NEW – stoat wall

We were given some very practical advice by a local Naturalist on what to do on the land to benefit existing and encourage new wildlife. One of the suggestions he gave us was to build a stoat wall. Somewhere that the resident stoats can live safely and also a place that will create nesting sites for others such as reptiles and bugs. So, we took it upon ourselves to rope in some friends and create this fabulous new stoat wall. It was built using natural rocks that we have found around the land and we hope that it will give a fair few critters a nice permanent home.

The completed wall

The best bit is that we have built it in such a position that it is not only beneficial to the stoat (access to water, sheltered by a hedgerow and shaded by a tree, but also that it can be easily observed from a bench a short distance away, so you never know if you sit quietly – you may be able to observe any new residents…