Self catering waterside glamping

What to do & what not to do

Sadly, in order to protect our little piece of paradise, we have to have some rules in place, it’s a bore I know, but not everyone is as nice as you right?

SMOKING POLICY: We allow smoking on site in outside spaces only. There is a strict non-smoking policy inside any structure. Please dispose of your cigarette buts in the rubbish bins outside the Hedgehog Hideaway or in the camping area.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not accommodate children under the age of 14, or pets on the site.

The lake

Swimming, paddling/dangling 10 little piggies: No swimming in the lake. it’s full of huge fish with big teeth (which is true by the way) but really we just want to keep it natural and protected. It is a haven for frogs, birds, fish and of course, the otters. Anything we do to disturb that will in turn harm them, so please, stay out of the water and try to resist the urge to throw anything in.

Waste water: Please don’t dispose of any of your waste water in or around the lake, again, we have a delicate ecosystem at work and we don’t want to upset the balance.

Rubbish: We have intentionally NOT placed bins around the site as we have too much wildlife that could get into it. So we ask that if you do choose to picnic by the lake (which is a great idea by the way) then please take your litter back to the bins provided for you at the Hedgehog Hideaway or camping area.

• No fishing: for the many reasons mentioned above, but most importantly because of lost, tangled and abandoned line and kit – we do not permit fishing in the lake.

The land

Paths: Please stick to the paths in areas where there is long grass or flowers. We have a healthy population of butterflies, bees, ground nesting/roosting birds, rabbits, rodents and reptiles. So for your safety and theirs, please don’t walk in the long grasses. The paths are there to enable you to walk around the land and the lake safely so please use them.

Gates: If you go through a gate, please close it again after you. We have to be mindful of the animals for both their safety and the safety of anything you leave outside your hideaway/tent (goats especially, will eat anything). Whilst not at all dangerous, they can be extremely hazardous to a pair of expensive boots.

Signage: We ask that you respect the signs where they appear.

• Cars: We do not permit cars on the land, so please let us know if you would like a hand with your luggage as we have a quad that we can ferry your luggage up and down with.

The basics

Fires: We have supplied you with a safe area for a fire and therefore no fires are permitted anywhere else on the brackenwood site. This includes portable BBQs. If you would like to use a portable BBQ, please use it only in your designated cooking area.

• Wood: Please do not forage for your own wood in and around the site. Fallen wood is an important part of the ecosystem here and so, when it doesn’t cause an obstacle, we leave it be.

• Water: Please conserve water where you can: ensuring that you turn off the stand pipe when you have finished using it, the shower is turned off after use and any taps are also turned off when you have finished. If you have any clean water to dispose of then please water the plants in wooden pots (shower area) with it, they will be most grateful – thanks.

• Animals: We love animals, the wild ones and the domestic ones, but please do not feed any of the critters you see here, wild or otherwise. Most of our domestic ones are rescues with health issues and feeding the wild ones would be detrimental to them. If you have anything uncooked that you think our animals would like to eat just ask us first – we are also happy to give you things to feed them if you would like.

• Animal enclosures: Please don’t enter any of the animal enclosures without speaking to us first. We are happy for you to socialise with any or all of them, in fact they love attention, but we just need to know about it.

Conditions of your stay:
If you do not adhere to the rules above you may be asked to leave the site. You will not be refunded for any nights already paid for.

If you are staying in the Hedgehog Hideaway, you will be asked to provide a deposit upon booking. This deposit will cover any losses, damage, theft or repairs required as a direct result of your stay with us, including the composting system. Your Deposit will be refunded to you 48 hours after you have left the site provided there are no charges to pay.

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