it's all about you

(and the wildlife - but mainly you)

Self catering lakeside camping & glamping

what's on site

We have around 8 acres of land (including the lake) for you to explore and relax in with plenty of lovely spots to sit and just chill. There is no electricity – any provided lighting is either solar or battery. There is a drinking water tap to refill your water containers or bottles. This place really is a lakeside off-grid escape.

Wild & tame-life!
We have 4 pygmy goats, a trio of cats, around 34 rescue hens (inc 1 bantam cockerel) 16 rescue ducks and a tortoise. Don’t worry, none of the livestock can get to you!

We also have a plethora of wildlife here, muntjac deer, roe deer, hedgehogs (of course), foxes, rabbits, stoats, resident owls, elusive otters and more birds than you can shake a reasonable-sized stick at, so there is plenty to see if you sit quietly and watch. Our butterflies are pretty impressive, species and number-wise.

Hedgehog Hideaway


We supply everything we think you might need for your stay, except for towels. That includes everything on the list below:

Toiletries: Please only use the toiletries provided – anything else will affect the delicate balance of the land. Shower gel, Shampoo, Conditioner, Liquid soap and Moisturiser. We also supply hand sanitiser and washing up liquid and yes, you guessed, that’s natural too!

Starter hamper: To help you settle in we will provide a basket of locally sourced (where possible) basics of, milk, tea, coffee and treats to enjoy alongside… There will also be olive oil, salt & pepper in the hut for you.

Woodburner fuel: We will supply the first night’s fuel & natural firelighters for your woodburner.

Cookware: There is a kettle, cookpot and fry pan for use on the fire-pit outside.

Utensils: We supply a set of plates, bowls, mugs, tin beakers, cutlery and prep tools – just add food and drink!

Bedding: All bedding and bed linen is supplied.

Other linens: Tea towels are supplied. Don’t forget to bring your own bath towels.

Additional items: Umbrella, water carrier, firelighter, solar lantern(s), 2prs oversized crocs (for mooching around) – did I mention we tried to think of everything?!

Anything else you need or if you are missing something essential, we will do what we can.


Private bathroom: With gas heated outside shower, composting toilet and a traditional washing area. 

Private fire-pit: A lined fire-pit with separate cook/grill area . We will leave you with enough wood for a camp fire – additional wood is available to buy as needed.

BBQ: Small portable BBQ

Seating: There is a decking area immediately outside your door with a bistro table and chair set, there is also a rattan sofa set for just lounging around.

There are mowed paths through the wildflowers and grasses so that you can walk around the land in comfort and safety without disturbing the ground nesting birds and other wildlife.

Drying rack: There is a drying rack to the side of your hideaway.

Recycling and refuse bins: For your convenience there are bins provided for your use, behind your hideaway: regular rubbish, recycling and food waste.  



Each of the tent pitches has access to the following facilities:

Shower & compost toilet: Hot water shower, composting toilet and a sink area. 

Private fire-pit: A lined fire-pit with separate cook area. 

Shelter: Tent pitches are equipped with a tarp shelter from sun or rain. Pre-pitched tent has it’s own indoor area (with seating)

Space: You will find you have plenty of space around your hut, for cooking, chilling whatever you want to do…

There are mowed paths through the wildflowers and grasses so that you can walk around the land in comfort and safety without disturbing the ground nesting birds and other wildlife.

Recycling and refuse bins: For your convenience there are bins provided for your use, one for regular rubbish and one for recycling glass, paper, cardboard, tins, tin cans and recyclable plastic. We also supply a food waste caddy – just make sure you secure the top of the bins.

dont forget to bring...

Bath towels and beach towels 

Camping stove – and gas refills as we don’t stock all sizes. Please note: camp stoves are not to be used anywhere other than the slate pad by the camp fire area. We do have a stove to hire for your stay if you prefer – this can be added to your booking as required.

A torch and batteries. Although we provide some ambient lighting it is very important for you to have a torch for safety or if you want to do a spot of night time wildlife watching.

Insect repellent – we are by a lake and there are likely to be mosquitoes, so a bit of repellent is essential. We highly recommend natural citronella rather than deet. It’s cheaper, good for your skin and smells great too!

Antihistamine – just in case!

Suncream! There is a lovely breeze here and it can deceive you into thinking you don’t need cream, but down here the sun is very strong, so we advise cream even on cloudy days.

Wellies or waterproof boots – we are in England after all and if we have a heavy rainfall then you will be glad of the protection, it doesn’t take much rain on grassy ground to make your feet uncomfortably wet!

Waterproof jackets – again, did I mention this is England, and Devon – there is a reason Devon is so lush and green.

There is no electric hook up so, no need to bring hairdryer, hair straighteners, plug in shaver etc… you can leave those at home.

Phone charging cable – You can charge phones using your solar lanterns (if you leave them in the sun), but we don’t provide the cables.

and if you want more...

For a small fee, we will deliver a hot breakfast (filled roll with bacon or egg or both!), with tea, coffee or juice to your hut door/tent flap – just make sure you book the day before. All food is locally sourced (the eggs come from our resident rescue hens). £6.00 per head (a supplement of £1.50 per head applies for wheat/gluten-free bread).

If you don’t want to bring your own camp stove, we do have one for hire purposes. The cost is £5 for two days (gas bottle included). Replacement gas bottles £3 each.

We can also supply charcoal for your BBQ at £3 per bag

If you don’t fancy cooking, then you can get a takeaway delivered to the house. Just tell them to call you when they are on the way.

Alternatively there are a host of good places to eat, just a stones throw from here, either eat in or carry out – your choice.

You see, it really is all about you – so book now, before it becomes all about someone else!

Prices are per night for the hut, not per person – with a minimum 2 night stay (bank Holidays are a minimum of 3 nights).
– Hedgehog hideaway: £100 per night.

Camping is £22 per night for up to 2 people with additional charges per person (maximum 4 per pitch).

Pre-pitch tent is £55 per night for up to two people with an option for adding up to 2 additional guests. Charges apply per extra person.


Full booking terms and conditions can be found here

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