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Compost toilet

A very old idea, that has been perfected over the years to create an excellent off grid, eco-friendly toilet solution. For many people compost toilets have a bad rep and it really is unjustified. So we thought we would put your mind at rest and explain how it all works…

No water
So, in the absence of water, what do you do? Easy – compost… The toilet has a regular toilet seat and you use it as normal, but where you would normally use water, you use hemp based sawdust. That’s right, you just add two scoops of the composting agent (hemp) when you are all done and close the lid. There is no need to add the hemp when you are just having a tinkle though.

You see, nature is very good at composting biological material, it has to be, otherwise we would be surrounded by poo! The only thing we have to do is separate liquids from solids. Sounds complex, but it really isn’t, there is a built in separator in the compost toilet that does that for you. Once you separate the two, then nature can do what it does best with no nasty smells – simple.

Very importantly though, what we need to be careful of in a composting toilet is that we don’t add anything else into the mix. So if it’s not produced by you or it’s not the hemp sawdust or toilet paper we provide you with, then it has to go into the bin with the general rubbish. Your bathroom is equipped with a hands-free bagging system and a bin to make it easy for you.

IMPORTANT: A note to the guys
For a composting toilet to work it cannot function as a urinal does, you have to sit down to pee! You may not like it, but it is a fact. So, if you feel you can’t sit down to pee, then we are more than happy for you to use the hedgerows.(out of view!) It’s not at all damaging to the land, in fact it is very beneficial, so please do as nature intended, but just don’t stand up to do it in the bathroom.

After you have left
In fact, a very long time after you leave! Your waste products will be stored for up to 2 years during which time it will break down, be completely odour free and safe to use as garden compost – cool huh!

It will be very apparent if you have not used the compost toilet correctly as it will start to smell very quickly, so please be mindful of the basic rules when it comes to the bathroom.

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